Barakatech’s QAF Platform Offers Fast and Seamless NFT Integration for Gaming Companies

Baraka tech’s QAF Platform Offers Fast and Seamless NFT Integration for Gaming Companies


Before Web3 revolutionized the internet, the video game ecosystem struggled to create sustainable revenue streams that included all stakeholders. In order to support video game companies that want to add NFTs to their total revenue, Baraka tech offers its solution: the QAF platform.

ANKARA, Turkey–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Turkish company Baraka tech has developed the QAF tokenization platform that allows video game studios to quickly and seamlessly integrate NFTs into their game ecosystems, eliminating the costs and software associated with this development process. Baraka tech’s platform, ranked among the top 20 innovative companies in Turkey by Fast Company magazine, enables video game studios to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into existing gaming infrastructures. Featuring a white label solution for rapid NFT integration, the QAF platform eliminates the need for additional resources for smart contract expertise or IT support.

State of Crypto 2022, the influential research published by the company Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), shows how NFTs offer a whole new avenue to monetize gaming communities. Cagatay Kara bulut, one of the lead venture capitalists at Bogazici Ventures, Turkey’s leading venture capital firm, and co-founder of Baraka tech, said, “Even tech companies struggle to find a revenue model based on NFT and an end-to-end solution tailored to their needs,” adding that they initially positioned QAF as a platform for gaming companies to offer intuitive and easy tokenization, but that at this time the use goes beyond gaming companies to reach every corner of the Web3 ecosystem.

Already used by four video game companies before launch

Designed to be a constantly updated platform, QAF offers easy and fast integration using the REST API and the ability to create NFTs via its ERC-20 Game Token integration thanks to its Ethereum blockchain compatible structure. , resulting in an end-to-end solution that enables effortless NFT trading.

With the QAF platform, the production of NFTs can be customized using the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. Prior to launch, QAF has already been used successfully by four game studios, setting itself apart from the competition with its ability to access player profiles and NFT analytics. Tuna Or bay, co-founder of Bara ka tech, said, “QAF has no development costs; it is a true full-service offering. Companies with the vision to create their own new market spaces can design new revenue models using QAF. Our QAF infrastructure enables features such as auction and bidding using ETH, BST, Binance and Polygon MATIC.”

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