Bitcoin at $60,000: This former Obama adviser takes a risky bet

Bitcoin at $60,000: This former Obama adviser takes a risky bet

When Bitcoin replaces sports betting – The forecasts price of Bitcoin (BTC) are a complex game to play. Many ventured there like the deceased John McAfee (rest his soul) betting in 2017 to eat his sex on TV if Bitcoin did not reach $500,000 in 2020. This time, the forecaster bet of the day goes on one BTC at $60,000 and put into play… a Porsche!

If Bitcoin Doesn’t See Its 2023 Highs, It’ll Lose Its Porsche

Jim Messina is a former top adviser to the 44th President of the United States, barrack Obamas. It turns out to be a great fan of Bitcoin, cryptos and their distributed ledger technology (DLT). To the point that he joined the board of directors of the crypto platform Blockchain. com in 2021.

“I think blockchains and cryptocurrencies are one of the most exciting developments in our lifetime. I think when this is all over, this generation will be known for (…) rethinking our financial system. »

Jim Messina

This crypto-optimist thus even goes so far as to bet facing the cameras of FoxNews, one of his assets of great value (at least pecuniary). Jim Messina announcement indeed that it will bring into play his Porsche in his forecast of a bitcoin back to $60,000 by the end of next year.

“I am incredibly bullish about this. I’m buying bitcoin right now. I bet you my Porsche that Bitcoin will return to $60,000 [d’ici fin 2023]. »

Bitcoin at $60,000, otherwise, Goodbye Porsche!
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Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts like to indulge in their own Bitcoin price estimations. At the end of September, this was still the case for Michael Saylor. The founder of Micro Strategy surprisingly more cautious than Jim Messina on this one, thus bet on a BTC at 69,000 dollars within 4 years. In the longer term (10 years), however, it remains very bullish and sees the king of cryptos reach the $500,000.

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