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Google spam algorithm update now released

Google spam algorithm update now released

Google Spam Algorithm Update now released.


Google confirmed the release of a spam-related algorithm update on October 19, 2022.

Google Spam Algorithm Update now released

Google confirmed that an anti-spam algorithm update will roll out in search results globally and in all languages.

Google estimates that the October 2022 spam update will take a few days to roll out.

Exact details about spam updates are rarely given unless they target a specific type of spam, like last year

Google link spam algorithm update released on July 26

Google’s link spam algorithm update will begin on July 26, 2021.

Google is starting to roll out a “spam link update” that will make its algorithm more effective at identifying and removing spam links.

The update starts today and will take at least two weeks to roll out across multiple languages ​​in search results.

Google warns that ranking changes are inevitable for some website owners:

“In our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of search results, today we are introducing a new change to combat link spam – what we call the ‘Link Spam Update’…

Sites that engage in link spam will see a change in search as the link is re-evaluated by our algorithm.”

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Information scattered throughout Google announcements indicates that there is a particular focus on generating links from sponsored, guest, and affiliate content.

In fact, the message starts off as a random reminder to tag affiliate content with the appropriate rail value. Google bury lede because news of this algorithm update is only mentioned at the end of the blog post.

This is an indication that Google wants site owners to follow its advice on how to handle links in value-exchange content.

Let’s take a look at the Google policies that seem particularly relevant to this algorithm update.

Google link tag best practices

Google reminds website owners to properly meet the link requirements when linking to other websites.

The website must mark the link where there is an exchange of value between the two domains.

Specifically, Google separates affiliate links and links from sponsored and guest content.

Here’s what Google recommends for each type of link:

Affiliate Links:

Google requires websites that participate in affiliate programs to qualify for those links with rel=”sponsored” whether the links are created manually or dynamically.

Links from sponsored posts:

Links that are paid advertisements or placements (commonly called paid links) must be marked with the value rel=’sponsored’.

Links from guest posts:

Links from guest posts must be marked with the value rel=”nofollow”.

Google adds that it can take manual action when it detects a site that doesn’t quite qualify for the above link types.

Google regularly releases spam updates to maintain the quality of its search results. Spam updates are designed to improve Google’s automated systems, which are constantly working in the background to detect spam in search results.

If you follow Google Search Essentials, formerly known as Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you may not have to worry too much about the October 2022 spam update.

It’s hard to be guilty of spam, as defined by Google, without realizing it. Google has a strict definition of what is considered spam, and this mainly includes low-quality websites that trick users into revealing personal information or install malware.

Spam updates are also targeted by phishing scammers and other malicious web actors who try to rank in search results by posing as highly relevant pages.

While websites with little content that adds little value may be considered spam, they don’t fit Google’s definition of spam. Weak content is more likely to be exposed to Google’s helpful content algorithm.

If you’re not sure what Google defines as spam, it’s worth taking a look at the new basics of Google search.

However, even sites that follow Google Search Essentials are vulnerable to spam hacks. If a website is not properly secured, it can spam users without their knowledge.

If your website’s ranking suddenly dropped after the October 2022 spam update, it’s a good idea to check your website’s security and look for signs of a possible attack.

When a website is affected by spam updates, its content will be downgraded in search results or removed from Google’s index.

Google says it can take months to recover from the ill effects of spam updates, provided the site makes the necessary changes to comply with Google’s spam policies.

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