NFT: GameStop adds support for ImmutableX

NFT: GameStop adds support for Immutable X

The NFT marketplace of GameStop now supports tokens launched on layer2 Immutable X including those of the popular game Gods Unchained.

On Monday, the publicly traded video game distributor GameStop announced the integration of the network Immutable X to her non-fungible token marketplace which opened its doors this summer.

Following the addition, the NFT of blockchain games based on Immutable X as Guild of Guardians and Gods Unchained now have a dedicated page on the marketplace.

Our alliance with GameStop is an important step forward as Immutable brings the next billion gamers to Web3 gaming,” Immutable X co-founder Robbie Ferguson said in a statement.

Earlier this year, game stop knotted a partnership with Immutable as part of the development of its NFT-platform. The two companies also jointly launched a $100 million fund to support the creators of the NFT ecosystem.

Immutable who lifted $200 million last March develops the layer 2 solution Immutable X. The layer2 built on Ethereum makes it possible to process operations in games faster and more cheaply. Lately, the unicorn of crypto-gaming laid off 8% of its workforce.

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