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NFT – Stan Wawrinka’s ‘BallMan Project’ virtual tennis tour soon to launch after gameplay overhaul

NFT - Stan Wawrinka's 'BallMan Project' virtual tennis tour soon to launch after gameplay overhaul

NFT – Stan Wawrinka’s ‘BallMan Project’ virtual tennis tour soon to launch after gameplay overhaul

A few months after the announcement of “Ballman project” worn by Stan Wawrinkathe creators have decided to slightly evolve the gamification aspect of the NFT concept dedicated to tennis.

In a few weeks, tennis and NFT enthusiasts will be able to buy 5555 NFT’s put up for sale in 3 phases (prices vary from 0.08ETH to 0.125ETH, i.e. between €175 and €275 currently).

More than a digital collection, these NFTs will represent tennis players with their own characteristics that can evolve according to your activity.

Of the virtual avatars that will allow you to participate in virtual tennis competitions. Like an online poker tournament, some tournaments will offer a financial endowment and will be accessible via a buy-in, including a registration fee to participate. “75% of this amount will be redistributed to players as a prize pool” tells us Prosper Masquelier, entrepreneur and co-founder of this project. Every week, free tournaments will also be offered to players who will also be able to train their avatar every day.

More than just an NFT, Ballman Project thus wishes to propose a real gaming experience. In the game, you will notably be able to make purchases to advance your avatar and increase its stats (power, speed, mental, technique, tactics, luck). The results acquired in tournaments will also modify your statistics. What potentially inflate the value of your NFT.

The owners of these NFTS will thus have access to the NFT Open Series, virtual tournaments who will animate the community. Like any NFTthese virtual coins may or may not increase in value and may represent an investment opportunity for some, each owner being able to resell their NFT at any time on the OpenSea marketplace.

A digital environment (Metavers) that allows Ballman Project to also offer opportunities to different sectors of activity. Recently, the teams entered into partnerships with Cyber ​​Sneaker or SwissBorg (cryptocurrency).

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Breakdown of tournament buy-in

Tournament structure

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