the NFT Blur platform meets with unexpected success!

The NFT Blur platform meets with unexpected success

The NFT Blur platform meets with unexpected success

Open Sea finds itself in a delicate position since Blur joined the market! Today, Blur is well on its way to becoming a must-have platform and is even wildly successful, despite its very young age. Yes, a big storm is coming on Open Sea as well as the others platforms and here are the details of this unusual fact in the field of NFTs.

Blur gets noticed

This platform has only been around for about 10 days and yet it has absolutely not gone unnoticed. Indeed, since its launch, the platform has been able to attract 2527 authentic users and has achieved a turnover of 1169 ETH. With its prowess, Blur is now positioned after Open Sea and ahead of X2Y2; Looks Rare, meanwhile, comes in fourth.

At Blur, it’s a small victory since they even went so far as to reveal to the whole world that from now on, Blur is the official number 2 in the NFTs market and that it is the number 1 in terms of aggregator. With a studied graph, Blur announced on Twitter that 66.4% of the market is now theirs. In short, it is a remarkable entry into the big leagues.

The turnaround is quite unexpected since security concerns were revealed at its inception. Fortunately, everything is now under control and Blur is currently a trusted NFT platform. Later, perhaps, Blur will become a FTX platform who knows…

blur partners

An attractive platform

With its token called BLUR, this platform has won over a very large audience! Indeed, we are here facing an NFT platform supported by renowned investors, including Paradigm, Keyboard Monkey, 6529, Bharat Krymo, Cozomo Medici, dhof, Zeneca, OSF, ice bergy, Deeze, Andy8052 and Moon Overlord. The company behind Blur raised $11 million from these investors. The team includes developers and creators with experience from Five Rings Capital, MIT, Y Combinator, Citadel, Brex, Square, and Twitch.

BLUR was in the private development phase for 276 days before being officially launched on October 19, 2022. If you venture there, you will find the price aggregator function, the sniping tool that helps optimize trading of NFTs and a complete dashboard that provides an overview of all the interesting information in the field of NFTs. The extent of the attraction of this platform is such that even those who are just beginning to handle NFTs could find their way around.

The hit Blur’s current status comes as no surprise since people interested in web3 products need a trusted platform that offers comprehensive tools. Also, time will tell if Blur will become a bit more comprehensive platform and go beyond NFTs trading.

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