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they collect a million euros and run off with the money

They collect a million euros and run off with the money.


Eight minutes. This is the time it took the Block verse project to raise more than one million euros through purchases and donations in Ethereum (500 ETH), the main cryptocurrency after bitcoin, on its site. The initial project was to offer an unofficial version of Minecraft famous cubic video game, based on the blockchain..

This very popular new gaming system, on the border between cryptofinance and gamingoffers unique “play-to-earn” (P2E) mechanics, i.e. the possibility of earning cryptoassets (NFTs) by playing a game and then potentially exchanging them for real money .

After bragging about this whirlwind fundraiser, the Blockverse team has… evaporated. Its social networks have not been active since January 24 (day of the record harvest), the site is down and the dedicated discord server ejected everyone before disappearing too. On the NFT sales site OpenSeathe Blockverse account nevertheless continues to sell Minecraft NFTs.

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On social networks, pro-NFTs are angry. The NFT Ethics Twitter account, despite its oxymoronic name, thus protests against this new case of fraudulent crowdfunding in the world of cryptoassets. The account even wonders if the sector would need a “federated entity to approve all NFT projects”, an idea at odds with the great decentralized economy project promised by the advent of cryptos.

While waiting for the real one Minecraft is still available for around twenty euros.

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