what is this new NFT game that has already collected 1 million dollars during its presale?

what is this new NFT game that has already collected 1 million dollars during its presale?

What is this New NFT Game that has already collected 1 million dollars during its presale?

The Calvaria presale (RIA) is going at a phenomenal speed. The new crypto game has succeeded in raising 1 million dollars in less than two weeks. The card game to win has reached its third stage out of the 10 planned during this presale. Let’s learn more about this new project.

The new nugget in the Gamefic sector

Many investors are interested in the NFT Calvaria game project because its offer is unique. They do not hesitate to take advantage of the enormous potential that this project presents. The RIA token was selling at $0.010 during the first phase of the presale.

Investors who bought their cryptos at this stage expect a return of 450% at the end of the last stage of the presale. As of press time, the crypto price has doubled to $0.020 during the third leg.

The current status of the Calvaria pre-sale demonstrates that this project has the investor confidence and Gamefic enthusiasts. The play to earn game has already reached 1 million sales in less than two weeks.

Calvaria has a unique offer to stand out

The Gamefic sector generally knows a certain reluctance due to the requirement of prior investment to have access to a platform, itself difficult to access. These issues have been addressed by Calvaria.

Duels of Eternity, which is the flagship game of the platform, offers accessible P2E play and a free-to-play mode. Therefore, it is not no special knowledge of blockchain technology required to be able to play on Calvaria. Similarly, players can also play without any initial outlay on NFTs.

By this means, the developers hope get more people interested in blockchain game. After learning the basics with the Free-to-Play (F2P) version players will be able to switch to P2E mode.

Get more information about the game by reading the white paper from Calvaria and joining the group Telegram.

Discover Calvaria in presale now

What is Duels of Eternity?

Duels of Eternity is the flagship game of play-to-earn gaming platform Calvaria. He offers a card battle game in which players must implement a number of strategies. When facing opponents, players can reap rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

In Duels of Eternity, players can track down a single player campaign mode which is an adventure mode. During exploration, it is possible to find cards and bonuses that will be useful in battles against other players.

On the platform’s store, players can buy and sell cards in order to improve.

How to buy Calvaria in presale

Find the step by step process to buy RIA tokens in our complete guide on how to buy Calvaria. In summary, this process can be summed up in a few lines:

  • Download a Crypto Wallet and login to the Calvaria website.
  • Fund the crypto wallet with ETH or USDT. Buying ETH directly from the Calvaria site with fiat money will make this process easier.
  • Buy Calvaria (RIA) on the site – minimum 1,000 RIA.
  • Claim the cryptos purchased at the end of the presale.

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